Hi everyone thanks for following the development of Risen Kingdoms! In this update a new character is now available to play as, as well as against; the noble is able to generate a 5% interest on their kingdoms funds at the end of each month. Saving gold each month could really start snowballing mid to late game, allowing you to field bigger armies. 

Interest gained on your gold is not taxed by overlords, so vassal nobles can become powerful assets on the battlefield with their extra personal wealth to spend on more armies as long as they are kept under control to prevent rebellion.

On top of this new character more fixes have been applied to make the game more stable.

That's it for this update, i hope you enjoy the new character whether you are playing as her or are matched against her.


Kingdoms Installer 33 MB
Jul 19, 2019
risen-kingdoms-windows.zip 44 MB
Version Jul 19, 2019

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