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Before you even gain access to the main menu you will be asked to create a hero that will represent you in the game world. This hero is persistent and can be taken from campaign to campaign and even skirmish mode and back again. This hero will retain any equipment found and levels and experience gained during scenarios.

Each hero can choose from a selection of Avatars, Leader Traits and Classes, for example you could create a Necromancer with the ability to convert entire villages into legions of the dead ready to march against your enemies. Or you could create a leader that specializes in creating vassals to expand your empire.

Temporary heroes can also be hired and equipped to help you however these will not follow you outside of the mission you hired them for.

4x Gameplay:

In Risen Kingdoms you will be building cities and upgrading them with structures and defenses while trying to explore your surroundings and conquer your enemies. with various resources and special structures scattered around the map you will be encouraged to explore a much as possible.

Diplomacy is also an option with the ability to trade, form alliances and plan attacks on your enemies.

Unique Units And Races:

Units can have access to different spells, traits and stats that can help them in battle however some units may also have special abilities. These abilities can range from Constructing new cities to revealing areas of the map and summoning new units.

Races differ in not only units but siege battles, fighting a human settlement means you will he faced with walls and towers as well as the defending army. Goblins however prefer to rally the populous of the settlement to aid in its defense.

Scenario Creation Kit:

Risen Kingdoms comes with the Scenario Creation Kit, the same powerful tools used to create the campaigns and scenarios in Risen Kingdoms. This kit will allow you to create and export your own custom made campaigns and scenarios for others to enjoy.

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