Hi everyone! Im happy to present Update, this update adds a new difficulty level to the game alongside a new 8 player customisable scenario. There are also plenty of bug fixes in this patch stabilising the game.

The big feature of this patch allows AI players to be set to AI knights, this AI was designed to give players more of a challenge compared to the AI square and will definitely give players a run for their money. Apart from the new AI the first 8 player scenario has been added to the game, the map size is set to huge and incorporates a bunch of the new additional content added to the editor such as random structures, as always your free to customise this scenario with alliance setups, starting positions and player setup options .

Thanks for following the development and i hope to have another update on the way soon!

--- Change Log ---

--- added--- 
- added: new AI difficulty level (AI knight).
- added: new scenario: Aberon.

--- fixed ---
- fixed: rare instance where armies could be relocated when a city nearby had been taken over even if that unit was outside the range of the cities radius.
- fixed: AI attacking a walled city would place their archers in offensive positions in front of their melee troops.
- fixed: attacking AI troops would sometimes face the opposite direction when placed on the battlefield.
- fixed: rare instance where an army could be stuck unable to move when its movement was blocked by another army.
- fixed: vassals created through the form faction skill would not have unique personalities generated for them.
- fixed: potential crash after winning a battle on a city.


Kingdoms Installer 32 MB
Jun 11, 2019
risen-kingdoms-windows.zip 44 MB
Version Jun 11, 2019

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