Hi again everyone and thanks for following the progress of Risen Kingdoms! This update not only adds a new unit to the game but also two new scenarios to play through and customise!  A big addition to this patch is also the introduction of random elements to the scenarios, such as random capturable structures spawning instead of the same ones repeatably, this comes alongside a brand new structure that will continuously spawn low level goblin units for anyone that owns it!

There are also other interesting changes to the game that can be found below, such as making the ai more unique in the personality it gives its leaders and general improvements to the game overall.

The patch is out now and ready to download for everyone playing, and as always thanks for reading!

--- Change Log ---

--- added--- 
- added: a new unit for the archmage, the grimoire.
- added: new scenario: teperon island.
- added: new scenario: Hashera.
- added: goblin cave capturable structure.
- added: ai characters now have a more unique personality.
- added: all existing scenarios have been updated with random elements to make each play through more unique.
- new background for spells within the info window.

--- improved ---
- improved:  ai will now act more continuous between saves when it comes to planning out moves.

--- fixed --- -
- fixed: taking over a city would sometimes leave its garrison in-tact.
- fixed: potential crash after winning a battle on a city.
- fixed: capturing a structure after a battle now sends the correct notification type to the player.


Kingdoms Installer 32 MB
Jun 07, 2019
risen-kingdoms-windows.zip 44 MB
Version Jun 07, 2019

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