This update mostly stabilises the game however a major change introduced in with update is the ability for any player to revive another defeated player as a vassal. Note the liege lord leader skill set is still the only leader type that can create entirely new players within a game.

This change brings out a lot more possibilities when defeating a faction, for instance if you really liked the leader skills and setup of a defeated player, you can now bring that player back as a vassal under you instead of just having another player being defeated and out of the game.

Remember however that vassals can rise up and declare independence if they sense they could defeat you and are not kept happy.

--- Change Log ---

--- improved ---
- improved: any player can now revive defeated factions as vassals but only liege lords can bring new factions into the game.
- improved: slightly edited the text display of garrisoned units to allow leader names to fit inside their unit box.

--- fixed ---
- fixed: reviving a defeated faction could potentially crash the game.
- fixed: potential crash on loading a game.
- fixed: potential crash when creating an advanced notification.


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May 18, 2019
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Version May 18, 2019

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