This update introduces character traits, each  character appearance now has a unique trait attached to it, for example the Dark Mage will start every battle with several skeletons as well as raise a skeleton in their capital for every fight their empire is  involved with. 

Vassals have also been improved considerably and can revolt if they sense they have enough power or are mistreated by their liege. Apart from the new features several bug fixes have been applied as well as improvements.

Thanks for following the development of Risen Kingdoms! The change log for this update can be viewed below.

--- Change Log ---

--- added ---
- added: Each character now has a unique gameplay effecting trait.
- added: descriptions to character section of character creator.
- added: changing subject type now effects happiness of subject.

--- improved ---
- improved: vassal menu has been visually and technically improved.
- improved: vassals now have a chance of declaring independence from liege lords if they have friendliness in the negative.
- improved: vassal menu no longer displays popup text over other windows on top of it.
- improved: left clicking on the name of a vassal in the vassal menu will now open a dialog with that vassal.
- improved: created vassals now start with their hero within their capital.
- improved: slightly nerfed masters power skill.

--- AI ---
- improved: AI now considers how strong it is compared to other players when considering how friendly they are with that player.

--- fixed ---
- fixed: heroes can now attack again.
- fixed: AI would not correctly calculate its happiness with a trade deal after accepting it.
- fixed: AI would calculate the wrong players resources when deciding if it can accept a trade deal or not.


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Apr 21, 2019
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