Hi everyone, as always thanks for following the development of Risen Kingdoms!

This update adds a bunch of fixes and improvements to the game. 

First we'll go over the major change to the gameplay, player spawn points that are not used within a skirmish scenario will now instead spawn random neutral cities. This change allows any scenario to host much bigger armies and nations without the player having to put more AI players into the scenario.

The next addition is a quality of life feature, before when players selected an army that was on top of a structure, both the army window and the structures info would pop up. Where as now a new window will be displayed allowing the player to select either.

The change log for this version is below for those interested.
Thanks for showing interest in the game!

Change log:

--- added --
- added: new dropdown window to enable players to either select armies or the structure under it.
- added: player starting points that are not used, now spawn neutral cities.

--- improved ---
- improved: weather is now correctly displayed within battles.
- improved: the outside of a battle screen is now correctly controlled.
- improved: slightly reduced the effectiveness of the regiment skill.
- improved:  flying instances are now correctly drawn above none flying instances.
- improved: updated winter tileset.

--- fixed ---
- fixed: archmage character would sometimes spawn as the incorrect class when the AI had selected it.
- fixed: mercenary guilds would allow purchases to go through even if the player did not have the right amount of gold.
- fixed: players can no longer attempt to open the player menu within battles.
- fixed: players can no longer end their turn while an army is still moving.


Kingdoms Installer 32 MB
Apr 15, 2019
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Version Apr 15, 2019

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