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Hey everyone, this is a huge update that adds a major element of gameplay to the game, this element being the empire spell book and the ability to cast spells within the scenario view. Alongside this new element comes another leader skill set! the Archmage; this skill set focuses on casting empire spells while staying protected within your capital city to generate extra mana.

Apart from these major additions there are also a bunch of improvements and fixes to the gameplay as well as the AI. As always these new features and classes are fully supported by the AI and will be used against you as enemies or in aid of you as allies or vassals.

How do empire spells work?

At the end of every month, a new spell is given to every player while they still own a capital city, this spell is drawn from a pool of neutral spells that every skill set has access to as well as leader skill set specific spells. So for example every leader skill set can get the summon pixies spell however only the necromancer can gain access to the summon skeletal horde or skeletal giant spells.

The spell you are given disappears after it has been cast. This allows you to build a collection of spells for when you need them or cast them as soon as you get them. Spells can also be absorbed to generate extra mana for you.

New Archmage leader skill set:

The Archmage leader will want to stay protected behind your capital cities walls most of the time, this not only allows your leader to generate extra mana but also an extra free empire spell at the end of every month. Archmages are also able to spend mana to conjure up more empire spells whenever they want, allowing Archmages to cast more empire spells than any other leader .

Since the Archmage will want to stay inside their capital city, their lack of presence on the field will be made up by familiars, creatures that will flock to your capital every month to serve you, these creatures become more powerful the stronger your leader is.

Change log:

--- added --
- added: empire spell book and spell casting system.
 -added: several empire spells for each of the different leader skill sets.
 -added: new leader skill set: Archmage.
 -added: spell book quick ui icon.
- added: icons for summon pixie and summon serpent unit spells.
- added: new unit: familiar.

--- improved ---
- improved: movement sound now only goes off once if an army is moving fast within the scenario map.
- improved: leader heroes now gain experience from battles even if they are not directly involved in them.
- improved: nerfed gold income from villages by around %50.
- improved: extended the width at which unit and hero names are displayed in a garrison.
- improved: battle window is now repeatably placed within the front of other windows.
- improved: rejected trade deal notifications now use the leader name instead of the player name.
- improved: armies no longer get placed on the wrong side of the battle line if placed too close.
- improved: player 0 no longer runs its strategy script.
- improved: lock view option is now disabled by default.
- improved: the view outside the area of battles are now correctly controlled.

--- AI ---
- improved: slight changes to the way AI produces armies.
- improved: AI will now create explorers sooner.
- improved: AI will now only create the correct number of exploration armies.
- improved: changes to how the AI defends its cities with armies.
- improved: changed the way AI considers armies when attacking cities.
- improved: attacking AI armies no longer place archer in front within an offensive formation.
- improved: units placed down by the AI in battle now face the correct direction.
- improved: AI will now their leader within their capital city if it benefits them more than taking them out.
- improved: changes to how the AI prioritises objectives within the scenario.
- improved: AI will now go after cities and structures much faster.

--- fixed ---
- fixed: battle music was no longer present in recent builds of the game.
- fixed: potential crash when creating heroes within the scenario.
- fixed: AI could potentially hang.
- fixed: crash due to water pathway instance not initialising its winter sprite.
- fixed: leader heroes could sometimes spawn in top corner of scenario under player 1's control.
- fixed: AI characters could potentially become the wrong class.
- fixed: Acarnania scenario would also spawn a AI controlled login player hero for the third player.


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