This update includes a new powerful unit for the honodio as well as a new playable hero character the Archmage, Apart from the new additions there are also  many improvements and fixes present within the patch top make the game more stable and fun.

--- added ---
- added: new unit omiushi.
- added: icon for purge city options.
- added: honodio map structures.
- added: new leader character - archmage.
- added: expanded name list for different characters.
- added: leaders now appear inside cities at the start of the scenario.

--- improved ---
- improved: independent city menu now draws its income within the centre of the draw space.
- improved: vassals will no longer independently declare war on other players.
- improved: AI now carries out its turns much more efficiently and will take much less system resources.
- improved: quick menu can now be accessed on none human turns.
- improved: players should no longer be able to have two capitals.
- improved: AI will now more likely attack players it has a bad relation with.

--- fixed ---
- fixed: crash when cancelling build orders.
- fixed: armies would not have their movement orders show up when they had no movement points.
- fixed: potential crash when using the hero menu from within a battle.


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Mar 11, 2019
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Version Mar 11, 2019

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