Hi everyone, thanks once again for following the development of Risen Kingdoms! This is a fairly large content patch that introduces the honodio kingdom and mercenary posts, both of which are able to spawn into scenarios. There has also been numerous improvements and additions to the AI and gameplay overall.

--- added ---
- added: 6 new player colours.
- added: art for building icons.
- added: honodio kingdom. and units.
- added: mercenary structures where units can be hired from.
-added: many AI improvements and additions.

--- improved---
- improved: rain no longer shows outside of scenario play area.
- changed: independent city happiness now increases by 2 instead of 1 every turn.
-improved view outside of scenario.
- improved: player created independent cities now start with a small army.
ai players now make other races cities independent.

--- fixed---

- fixed: bug causing random selection of races to not generate a race correctly.
- fixed: bug causing random selection of heroes to not generate a hero correctly when a  race that had no heroes was given.
- fixed:  unique id of armies were not correctly being stored.
- fixed: arrows should no longer miss skeletons.
- fixed: slowing curse skill would crash the game when its target was a wall.
-fixed: a few rare crashes
- fixed: AI  would sometimes moving units on top of each other.


Risen Kingdoms Installer 31 MB
Feb 15, 2019
risen-kingdoms-windows.zip 44 MB
Version Feb 15, 2019

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