Update Inventory!

This content update finally enables the inventory system within the game! Items can be obtained at the end of every scenario and can be equipped or stored in a shared stash between all your heroes. The other major change inside this update is the new graphical style, the bright colours have been toned down to put less strain on peoples eyes. 

This update is a huge stride for the  game mechanics of Risen Kingdoms, enabling all the base content features of the game. Future updates can now focus on adding the campaign menu as well as more classes and scenarios, before finally releasing the editor.

At some point a steam release will also be estimated once the game has received more content and is ready for its paid release.

Thanks for reading! 

Patch Notes:

--- added ---
-added: Items!
- added: when moving on top a friendly army,  the selected army will now try to navigate to a free spot around the friendly army.

--- improved ---
- improved: hero window now correctly detects if hero is a leader or not.
- improved: diplomacy friendliness is now shown as a rounded value.
- improved: AI necromancers would not raise any more ancient graveyards if one already existed.
- improved: units displayed within trait info are now drawn in aqua again.
- improved: art has been overhauled to be less bright.
- improved: AI now re-order and calculates the unit number of armies after absorbing them if they still exist.
- improved: redesigned birds to take darker shades.
- improved: when loading a game outside of the locked view, the camera will re-adjust to fit within the locked view.

--- fixed ---
- fixed:  rare crash when starting a scenario after winning a previous one.
- fixed: crash when right clicking a wall in battle.
- fixed: spider queen quest could delete wrong army by its end date.
- fixed: crash due to error loading unique id array.
- fixed: some flying instances would stand still instead of moving.

- fixed: AI would continue its scripts when its army attacked a human city.
- fixed: AI would not place offensive troops down when using offensive formations.
- fixed: AI will now correctly place offensive troops close to enemy walls.
- fixed: rare crash when winning the game during an AI's turn.
- fixed: AI would not place offensive troops in an offensive formation if it only had offensive troops


Risen Kingdoms Installer 32 MB
Jan 01, 2019
risen-kingdoms-windows.zip 44 MB
Version Jan 01, 2019

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