This update completely changes how the game is compiled and should result in about a x2 speed improvement, especially when it comes to the AI taking their turns. This update also re-writes most of the graphical code in the game, significantly improving how screen resolutions function as well as giving you more options, such as unlocking your view from the scenario.

Patch Notes:

--- added ---
- added: new option to unlock the scenario view.

--- improved ---
- improved: game window no longer centres itself on the screen when moving to scenarios and menus.
- improved: view outside of the scenario has been cleaned up.
- improved: game no longer starts in full-screen the first time the game is launched.
- improved: pixel smoothing is no longer enabled by default the first time the game is launched.
- improved: game in general should now be much faster than previous versions due to how the game is now compiled, this should greatly effect AI turn speed.
- improved: follow mouse option has been re-wrote and should now make the screen follow the mouse much smoother.

--- fixed ---
- fixed: potential crash when AI looked for cities to make independent.
- fixed: loading screen sometimes not fitting the window size.
- fixed: night effects would sometimes not correctly be drawn.
- fixed: resolution buttons in the options menu would not function correctly sometime causing multiple resolutions to be set.
- fixed: unit upkeep would sometimes be miscalculated.
- fixed: when minimising the game window the view would be set to the upper left corner of the scenario.
- fixed: game memory was not correctly cleaned after loading a scenario.
- fixed: crash related to some shortcut keys functioning outside of a scenario.
- fixed: crash when creating a vassal while there was empty slots left in the player selection window in skirmish mode.


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Dec 06, 2018
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Version Dec 06, 2018

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