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Welcome to Update Modding!

This update introduces basic modding features to the game including the ability add new buildings as well as new items and sprites. Basic modding instructions can be found inside the installation folder as well as an example mod that is included in the game by default. 

Mods can be enabled or disabled from within the main menu of the game, the game itself can support as many mods as you can come up with. I will be expanding modding in future updates with more scripts and modifiable components of the game, such as kingdoms, units and more.

Alongside the new modding feature of Risen Kingdoms, I've also added several more additions:

New Items:

1- Web Ring - Allows heroes to shoot web at their enemies slowing their attacks and movement.

2- Wandering Wizards Hat - Gives the wearer a random temporary spell at the start of combat.

Unit Changes:

1- Giant spiders have gained the ability to shoot web at their opponents alongside their poison ability.

2- Dwarf auto crossbow siege equipment has had  the time it takes to reload their bolts slightly increased to make up for their long range.

3- Human knights now have a longer range due to their spears.

Misc Changes:

1- Many new sounds have been added to combat, such as new spell sounds as well as basic combat sounds.

2- Expansion rights for vassals no longer require heroes to learn the vassal management skill.


Risen Kingdoms Free Installer 56 MB
Mar 26, 2022
risen-kingdoms-free.zip 43 MB
Mar 26, 2022
Risen Kingdoms premium installer 56 MB
Mar 26, 2022
risen-kingdoms-windows.zip 45 MB
Version Mar 26, 2022

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