Update New class, skills and spells update!


Welcome to to update!

Firstly lets go over the new features at a glance:

  • New class: The Mage.
  • 9 new skills!
  • 7 new spells!
  • 2 new spell types.
  • New buff/debuff system!
  • Updated many units!
  • bug fixes!

The Mage

The mage class is the third hero class in the game and gives your hero access to many different spell books containing many different spells. As a mage you are able to call down mighty blizzards effecting units from any distance on the battlefield, as well throw multiple fire/ice and poison spells at once.

New Spell Types:

Poison spells:

Poison spells allow heroes and units to inflict damage over time on their enemies, inflicting the same poison on an enemy that already has that poison will instead reset the timer, allowing more damage to be inflicted. Poison also has a nasty side effect, any enemy that still lives at the end of a battle but is inflicted with poison, will have a small chance of dying from that poison.

So even a battle lost can still cause huge casualties on the victor.

Ice spells:

Ice spells inflict a slowing debuff on their targets, slowing the attack of your enemies considerably. This allows friendly units to get multiple hits in while the targeted enemy is still trying to finish their last attack.

Updated Units:

Many units from giant spiders to fey sprites have received new abilities and spells to make them more interesting. Going up against a group of poisonous spiders can now cause great casualties with their poisonous bites, while fey units will fling slowing missiles at your approaching army. These abilities can of course also be used to your advantage as well.

With this update Risen Kingdoms has become even more diversified with the strategies you can use, and also what can be used against you, be prepared to run up against enemy mages in skirmish mode with their many spells and powerful summons.

Thanks for following the project and i hope to see you in the next update! :)


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Oct 02, 2021
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