Update Iron Man Mode!


This update has been a fun one to work on, with the introduction of 2 new hero modes, iron man, and tin man. These modes can be activated during the creation of your hero and will permanently effect them and cannot be changed after your hero is created.

Tin Man

TinMan mode will grant your hero an experience bonus of 1.5x for any action that grants experience. In exchange for this, if your hero died during a scenario, they will no longer re-spawn in several days as they normally would, and you will have to wait until you win that scenario in order to regain use of your hero again.

Iron Man

IronMan mode grants an experience bonus of 2x for any action that grants experience to the hero. However if you'r hero dies, you will not only instantly lose that scenario, but you will also never be able to use that hero again! Once you'r hero is marked as dead, you will still be able to open up your inventory and put all your items into your shared storage, but you will no longer be able to use that hero in any scenario in the future.

As you can imagine these 2 modes will have a large effect on how you approach scenarios and how much value you place on your hero itself. You may think twice about taking your hero outside of your cities without a retinue of guards for protection.

I hope you enjoy these two new editions to the game as well as various bug fixes in place in this update, and i'll see you all in the next update, thanks for playing! :)


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