Update - Spider Queen

Update - Spider Queen

Welcome to update!

This update has been in development for a while featuring re-writing of a lot of the games code base.

The first big feature is the new playable hero character; The Spider Queen.

The spider queen hero uses the new event system to play out her characters traits. At the end of every month there is a chance you will be presented with a special spider queen event. You will have options to spawn eggs around the scenario, release giant spider armies to raid enemies or devour princes to gain their mana. The spider queen and even the stelente archmage have a chance to spawn as leaders when kingdoms that have no native leaders such as the Honodio are made into vassals.

Being such a big update there are also many many bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the game. Here are a few of the improvements:

  • Enemies and friendly armies now display icons signifying their status to the player.
  • Players are now notified of what spells other players are casting if the casting location is visible to them.
  • Ambiance sounds have been added to the game's day and night cycle.

AI players have also seen a lot of improvements, they are now more aggressive with their heroes and will attempt to create armies using them when able to, unless the heroes traits benefit from them being kept within a city such as the archmage. They will start exploring sooner to capture cities and structures.

for a full list of changes please check out this post: https://itch.io/t/1261402/game-features-change-log#post-2829223

As always thanks for playing and i hope you all enjoy the new features :)


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