Update - Improvements


Welcome to update! This update has been in development for a while and includes many many bug fixes and quality of life improvements. The next big feature (Battle packs) is still in development and will feature a unique enemy to go up against.

Features in this update:

  • New battle maps based on what terrain you fight on.
  • New and improved way to see heroes and temp units in battle setups and when pausing a battle. 
  • Improved visuals and tiles.
  • In-game menu can now be brought up in battles.
  • Fixed many many bugs.
  • Slight AI improvements.
  • Bandits can now only show up once a year.

Thanks for following the development and i'll see you in the next update! :)


Risen Kingdoms Installer 55 MB
Dec 17, 2020
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Version Dec 17, 2020

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