Update - Spells and Perks

Welcome to the Spells and Perks update!

This update includes 3 new world spells, 2 of these spells are a new type of direct damage spell, casting a direct damage spell on an army will take out a number troops depending on the power of the spell, heroes can only be taken out this way if they are the only remaining unit in the army, and the hero themselves can still dodge these spells. So expect to cast several spells or a powerful individual spell to have a chance of taking out a hero this way.

The knight lord hero character perks have also been improved, now not only does the liege lord's vassals start with +100 happiness but the Knight lord also has access to a unique spell to grant vassals increased gold and mana in exchange for your own mana.

As always the AI players will make full use of these features so expect meteorites and giant flames around the scenario!

Thanks for following the project and i hope you all continue to enjoy the game! :)


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Oct 09, 2020
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