Update - Bandits

Bandits have arrived to the realms!

Welcome to the next content update! 


I'm pleased to introduce bandits to the game, bandits will appear throughout scenario's as dynamic random events, they will setup camps and work together to take down armies, buildings and even cities. Bandit camps aren't all bad however as once destroyed they will reward the destroying player with various amounts of resources, making them a new source of income to get ahead of your rivals. 

Alongside Bandits, Various unique items with cool effects have been added to the game such as fey rings, powerful unique rings that summon random fey units for the wearer every month. And yes the effect is doubled if two fey rings are worn at the same time allowing for some powerful combinations of items.

Many many other additions and fixes have also been implemented such as unique ship sprites for every faction and an overhaul of the event system allowing for multiple events per month.

I have a bunch of neat ideas for bandits and other additions going forward and cant wait to begin showing them, but for now thanks for reading and i hope you all continue to enjoy the game! :) 


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Sep 14, 2020
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