The Dwarf Factions Has Arrived!

Dwarfs were originally designed alongside the human and goblin factions but their implementation was pushed back in order to bring the amazon faction and fey units into the game. The dwarf faction have a range of unique units and are the first faction to make use of turret units.

The dwarf faction specializes in using bots and automatons, enabled by their ability to store magic within their contraptions.  These contraptions include the auto crossbow, a ranged turret able to fire at long range, allowing dwarfs to constantly deal damage over the whole battlefield. 

The Void Weaver is another dwarf contraption, and is one of the most powerful magical units in the game, able to use its many arms to tear into the void itself to retrieve spells to throw at its enemies. Void Weavers have access to a number of summoning, healing and offensive spells.

New Dwarf Hero
A new dwarf hero has been added to the game with the ability to construct unique buildings in cities. The Mech Master can construct Spider bot factories, up to two per city, that will continually produce spider bots for free within those cities. These factories can be built in any type of kingdom and are not limited to dwarf cities.

I've spent several months creating this factions and and i'm happy to see it take its place in expanding the Risen Kingdoms universe and gameplay, i have several ideas on what the next major feature will be so stay up to date for that, but for now thanks for reading and i hope you have fun playing with or against this new faction :)


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