Welcome to update,

This update massively improves the AI, vassals, undead cities and more!


AI necromancers who have the appropriate skills will now purge cities they capture into undead cities the same way a human player can. Once purged these cities cannot revert to their pre-purged state. If an undead player is left unchecked they may slowly wipe out the different kingdoms replacing them with the undead.

Undead cities have also seen an overhaul with a new battle map, walls, and new structures. These new structures come with the unique ability to generate new undead units for the city every turn for free, this allows necromancers to slowly snowball the more undead cities they create.


Vassals can now also be created by the AI if they have the appropriate skills, this allows vassals themselves to create more vassals, creating a chain of command all the way up to the first liege. Vassals can rebel for AI players just as they could with human players if they are not kept content by their liege. Players can now also see if another player is a vassal by talking to them in the diplomacy window.

More Features of this update: 

  1. Another random treasure site has been added, spell scrolls can show up randomly and picking them up grants the player a random empire spell.
  2. All of the army ui windows now have scroll-able units to make way for all the new unit types in the game now.
  3. AI players will handle their spells better and will absorb them if they need more mana to sustain other activities.

That's it for this update, thanks for continuing to play! :)


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Jun 01, 2020
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