Hi all,

This update improves the vassal menu, allowing you to view your vassals leaders individually as well as the happiness of each vassal at a glance. There are also a bunch of background changes to get the game ready for new characters, races and items! For now i hope you enjoy these improvements while i continue to work on more features. 

Bye for now :)

--- added ---
 - added: item type inventory animations implemented.

  --- improved ---
- improved: City window now allows cycling through the city upgrade items.
- improved: Diplomacy window now shows leading race of player.
- improved: Vassal menu now has a new button to open the hero window for specific vassals.
- improved: Vassal menu now displays happiness of vassals at a glance.
- improved: New gold sprite.

 --- fixed ---
- fixed: info window now correctly resets trait and spell data.
- fixed: info window was listing the first spell slot as a spell when it came to listing spells.


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Feb 29, 2020
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Version Feb 29, 2020

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