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Hi everyone! Thanks for following the development of Risen Kingdoms! This update fixes a number of bugs as well as improves the dragon tamer character's trait to make for a more interesting character to both play as as well as against. Some scenarios have also been improved in this update.

Dragon Tamer

The dragon tamers character trait allows your capital city to spawn an uncontrollable dragon every month (Only one dragon army can exist per dragon tamer) that would travel around the scenario attacking enemies and taking over structures. This dragon also gains strength as you level up. This was a cool ability however the dragons presence on the battlefield became less and less a threat as scenarios went on.

To improve this trait, your  tamed dragon now has a chance to recruit another dragon to its army every time it wins a battle. This allows your dragon to become a powerful ally within any scenario, eventually becoming able to siege entire cities on its own. When fighting against a dragon tamer its always a good strategy to find and deal with their dragons before they snowball into a powerful army.

I will be looking into Improving other character traits as time goes on. I hope you all enjoy playing as or against this improved character! And thanks for reading.


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Sep 21, 2019
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