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Risen Kingdoms

4X Strategy Game With Strong RPG Elements! · By Armouredboar


Recent updates

Update - Improvements
Update Welcome to Update, this update mainly focuses on bug fixes but also comes with several UI improvements, one of these UI improvements brea...
4 files —
Update Modding!
Welcome to Update Modding! This update introduces basic modding features to the game including the ability add new buildings as well as new items and sp...
4 files —
Update AI, Vassals and Improvements!
Welcome to Update This update mainly concentrates on improving the AI, you'll notice AI players moving more armies around instead of hunkering down in t...
4 files —
Update Year Of The Tiger Update!
Welcome to the new Lunar new year update! In this update I've added the addition of a new Tiger unit that can be obtained by capturing a Honodio City, this make...
4 files —
Update - More Items!
Welcome to the first update of 2022! This is a quick update to add 2 new items to the game that both offer up new abilities for heroes to make use of. Apart fro...
4 files —
Update This update adds a bunch of bug fixes and overhauls the main menu to feature random faction battles. You can now access all sub menus such as ski...
4 files —
Update New class, skills and spells update!
Update Welcome to to update! Firstly lets go over the new features at a glance: New class: The Mage. 9 new skills! 7 new spells! 2 new spell typ...
4 files —
Update Quick update with a few cool features to end the week with, one being units will now show up and walk around their leader or city they are statio...
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